Agile Methodology & Project Management

This specific service is designed to help teams pick and choose the best methods/framework for their unique situation. Find and use a tool to organize their work. Establish a guide or framework for teams to self-serve their agile software development needs going forward (e.g. guidance of when to use longer iterations over continuous flow, etc.) Coaching the team to follow best practices and identifying anti-patterns and ironing these out.  Ensuring the teams aren’t working to work, but are working toward developing a product that customers will use. Providing end to end Agile Program Management support to organizations in agile engagements, including templates and process guidelines, defining team composition and process improvement techniques throughout the process definition.

Lean Methodology

This service is designed to help companies make sustainable performance improvements, with experienced in engaging with clients at all organizational levels with my Lean expertise and ability to adapt Lean concepts and methodologies to the needs of each specific business. Helping to eliminate the activities and personnel which add absolutely no value to the product and help in implementing a methodology that will streamline the existing process by reducing the wasted money and time. This will further ensure that the processes are time and cost efficient as well as help in enhancing the quality standards as well. Success is about achieving results that clients can see and creating sustainable value that can be measured both financially (ROI) and operationally.

IT Service Management

This service is designed to provide support and guidance to companies helping to develop the desired future state of IT and the services that it needs to provide. Encorporating the following: People – quantity and quality of expertise and knowledge Process – IT and organization specific practices, procedures, guidelines. Technology – total logical and physical technology infrastructure Organization – internal and external business factors that affect IT, Integration – how is IT integrated within the business model, what services does IT provide.

VersionOne Coaching

This service is designed to help companies with the implementation of VersionOne.  As a VersionOne Partner I can help with your implementation of the VersionOne product, understanding your needs and requirements and optimizing VersionOne for your own implementation of agile.

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